Friday, June 25, 2010

48th Japan Fashion Design Competition

48th Japan Fashion Design Contest
The Japan Fashion Design Contest that boasts its long history and highly respected dignity
counts 48 years today. This contest has been known as a gateway to the fashion industry and has been sending a large number of rich talented winners to the real world.
Each year, we have received the outstanding entries. Responding these talents, and to aim
for even higher quality of the contest, we renewed the contest guideline. Combined the past
exercised categories, fashion design and jewelry design are entered into the same category. And
this year, the cash prizes are presented to the excellent works, in addition, the corporate awards
are provided by the respective sponsors. We look forward to meeting your infinite talents.

Please JOIN!!! ;-)

Super worth it and you will love TOKYO! haha :-)





psyche said...

hey Veejay,

do you have another link to the guidelines? I cant seem to view it on a browser.

Thank you.


Veejay Floresca said...

pls email me and will forward u the link

Rebecca said...

Hi Veejay,

Would you mind sending me a link to the Japan Fashion Design Contest website please. Thank you so much. My email is