Tuesday, May 11, 2010

the power to vote

i looooove to vote! i believe that as citizens of our country, it is our responsibility to cast our votes.

this was my 3rd time to vote but this one was different.. automated election and in fairness, it was a success! congrats to all the people who worked hard for this..

i have waited for 2.5 hours.. super long line.. ang init.. nakaka stress.. but i belive that patience is a virtue.. hahaha.. and its worth it!!!!!!! :-) after voting, super happy!

congrats to all the winners!

lets support and respect them..

I pray for wisdom, courage and strength for the newly elected leaders.. God bless!

Mabuhay tayong mga Pilipino! ;-)

1 comment:

Yricka Dela Peña said...

You are indeed a proud Filipino. :D
I was unfortunate to vote yet. :(

Anyway, may I ask who you voted for President and Vice-President if you don't mind? :) Thanks!