Thursday, May 20, 2010

Philippine Fashion Week 2010

It's my dream to present a full collection.

As a young designer, it is a great accomplishment to put up an entire collection. This is my 6th time to join Phil Fashion Week and I always do 10-pc, BUT.. this is my first time to execute a 30pc collection.

Can i do this? haha.. I took the challenge and few days from now, i will be showing my collection for Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2010 (we dont have Fall/Winter here so its called Holiday)

My inspiration is the iconic statue of Venus de Milo. It's imperfect, unfinished but very beautiful.

My collection will celebrate unusual silhouettes, deformed structures, uneven proportions, unfinished details, textures and a lot of draping. I can really say that "imperfections make the clothes more interesting.."

Take a look at some of the pieces..

Photography: Frank Hoefsmit
Styling and Art Direction: Patrick Galang
Makeup: Chichi Sotomil
Model: Diana Santos


Yricka Dela Peña said...

Graaabe. I soooo looove your teaser!!! I wanna watch!!! I haven't really been in Philippine Fashion Week so I'm wondering if they're allowing walk-ins? Or for invites only? :) I would really appreciate your reply. Thanks! :D

Nina Lacson said...

nice! I'm going! hope to see your collection! :)