Tuesday, March 23, 2010

this blog made me cry

"I admire humble people. I don't easily get impressed with the wealth, the fame, or even the wits. Talent is crucial but for me, it is not the gauge of how good a person is. That's why I love Veejay Floresca. At 24, he is already on top of the ladder; in the pinnacle of his career. Very fresh. Very new. Very exciting. The talk of the town. But he isn't blinded by the flashes of lights nor the zenith of his success.

In his blog, Veejay relayed his story, his father who despite the challenges in life managed to be a lawyer. They were able to go to reputable schools because his parents strived hard to give them good education. He wanted to pursue law to follow the footsteps of his beloved father but just like a blessing in disguise, fate took a different turn and he landed his feet in CSB, a scholar of fashion design.

When talent is innate, it shouts from within, ready to explode, wanting to be free and run wild. After college, Veejay's unbelievable talent made him head designer at Accent & Details, a clothing shop, where he learned the ABCs of client servicing and the business visage of fashion. But when good things are bound to happen, the whole universe will conspire to make it come true. And then just like a genie in a lamp, Project Runway Philippines made his dream come to life. Although he didn't win the competition, Veejay proved that when good things befall to winners, the BEST things usually happen to the runners-up.

And the rest is history. Now Veejay Floresca is now a very popular name, from runways, to the corners of showbusiness to wedding forums and numerous events. But what's amazing is not how Veejay was able to take hold of his success at a very very young age but how he manages to have his feet still on the ground. The Red Queen of Hearts will be humiliated on how Veejay manages to have his head be the same size as it was before. Aside from that, Veejay never fails to thank the One who gives him bountiful blessings - the Almighty God.

I love Veejay. When I see him, he will always be the one to approach me. When I have question, he replies like a lightning - very fast. And when I give him kudos, he will always say thank you.

Yes I am plugging Veejay Floresca. You will not regret it- when you give him a simple visit in his shop, he will give you a heartwarming service and friendship in return. :)"


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