Friday, October 30, 2009

Congrats to my dearest sister!

My sister finished a degree in Bachelor or Arts in Nursing at Emilio Aguinaldo College. I admire her.. i salute all the students who finished this course because i think its not easy.. You need determination, patience and passion to finish nursing.. its not all about memorizing and problem solving.. its also about caring.. its about nurturing..

I can't explain what i feel.. But one thing I am sure of is, I'm very happy and fulfilled. I know that my parents are very very happy as well because all their cute kids have finished college! :-) All of us got our college diploma! I can still remember when my father used to tell us that education is the only thing that he can give us aside from his love and support.. My father became a CPA lawyer because of hardwork. He was the one who paid his own tuition fee. He was a working student. When he met my mom, they rented a house and they were sleeping under the stairs because they transformed the whole place into a boarding house for extra profit.. they did it because they want my Dad to finish law. When I was born, 1985.. that was the year when my Dad finally became a lawyer.. that's the reason why my first name is Vic. (short for victory) hahaha.. FYI!

I was in 3rd yr high school, April was in 1st year high school and Ate May was a freshman student in college when our father passed away. My mom doesn't have a work that time because she has devoted her time to take care of us and the family at home.. We were left with nothing.. Thinking about the past.. about what happened.. I can really say that God truly blessed my family. He provided everything. My father's death did not become a reason for us to lose hope.. We worked hard to accomplish our dreams to finish college in a reputable institution no matter what happen.. and we were able to do it!

Ate may.. april.. mommy.. its a job well done! :-) I'm sure daddy is very happy. He's proud of us!

Education is important.. to all the students who are reading this, finish your school! :-) That is one of the best tools to fight poverty and the best ladder to reach success!

Again, congratulations to my sister!

Pinning ceremony

accepting her diploma

april (we call her april) and me

my mom and madz (some of her friends call her madz)

Jam 88.3

Few days ago, i had the chance to become a DJ!!!!! hahaha.. no just kidding! how i wish! I was invited to be their guest for their fashion segment :-) I super enjoyed my experience.. at first i was really nervous because its LIVE! But after a while, na enjoy ko na!! haha.. super thanks to Kiby.. to Chalk.. Jam 88.3.. Patty and Tracy!

me and patty

with tracy

i enjoyed this guesting!! its different!! :-)

Patty, Veejay, Kiby and Tracy

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Philippine Fashion Week Spring Summer 2010

Finally, Philippine Fashion Week Spring Summer 2010 is over. I had a great time. As always. I just wanna say thank you to everyone who came and supported the show.. We should continue to support Philippine Fashion. Thank you to all the producers, sponsors, directors, models, makeup and hair stylists, photographers, stylists, fellow designers, lahat na! to all the people who are involved.. thank you! we should all celebrate because fashion week is getting better and better every season! :-) more success to Philippine Fashion Week!!! :-)

till next season!

my 10-pc capsule collection for Grand Allure
u can check more photos here

Ponds Red Dress Show
Supermodel of the World Philippines winner Chat wore my dress!
i like her! She will represent Philippines! :-)

FIDA (we all used indigenous fabrics)
Silk PiƱa sheer dress

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Magic for a cause

i had the opportunity to be one of the designers who joined the Magic for a Cause, a collaboration of Filipino designers, directors, makeup artists and ABS CBN stars :-) Proceeds will go to Ondoy victims..

Charee Pineda wearing Veejay Floresca

to see more photos , click here

check this blog

Hello guys! ;-)

im so happy to share you this link:

or click here

pls check it out :-)

super thanks to Ms Renee Puno and of course, thank you to Stylebible :-)

check this blog

Hello guys! ;-)

im so happy to share you this link:

pls check it out :-)

super thanks to Ms Renee Puno and of course, thank you to Stylebible :-)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Tokyo Day 1

This is it!!! :-) Tokyo Day 1

My flight was 2:30pm but i woke up at 6am because i still need to finish some important things before i leave.. had a fitting with a bride, went to bank to withdraw cash and get yen, endorsed work load to my sewers and beaders.. and finally, packed my stuff on the same day! whew!

when i went to the airport, i saw tracy and nicole. we checked in our luggages and i already expected, i had excess baggage! lol.. good thing tracy dont have much so we combined ours! :-)

i was very excited.. super excited! It was my first time to travel out of the country! i dont know what to expect! but i just want to have fun and enjoy everything!

me and tracy enjoying our trip!

the weather was perfect!

omg!!!! this is it!! First thing i've learned, "stay on the left side" haha

the official candidates for Miss Universe 2009! haha este, 47th Japan Fashion Design Competition pala! lol

Nicole and her gorgeoussss mom!

we had a safe trip! we arrived safe.. we met Nicole's mom and she's really sexy! :-) she's so generous. She paid our limousine bus fare.. ;-) thanks thanks! :-)

while waiting for our bus, we saw this super cute guy!

tracy and i enjoyed our way from Narita going to Shinjuku.. its where our hotel is located. we saw how beautiful the city is :-)

i love this hotel!! its super big and very accessible to the train! :-) u should come here!

when we arrived in our hotel.. Hotel Century Southern Tower at Shinjuku, there was Siti waiting for us! I love Siti so much. She is a japanese woman who loves Philippines so much. She is fluent in english.. :-) she assisted us to our room and we loved it! :-)

We went out to have dinner!

The weather is amazing! i love it. Its cold.. but not super cold.. i cant explain.. basta i love it! :-) she gave us a little tour and we enjoyed it.. i love Shinjuku..

hotel lobby.. ganda!!

this is my favorite!!!

going up to our room!

the view!

i LOVE my
regine dulay couture jacket

siti, tracy and me!!!!

i love love love!!!!

i love japanese foods!

pesos and yen! its called LAPAD because its malapad pala.. haha.. :-)

next.. day 2 :-)

to see more photos, click here

Friday, October 16, 2009

my trophy

finally!!! im blogging now! super sorry guys because i was so busy. im enjoying every minute of my tokyo trip thats why most of the time, im out.. and super tired when i get back to my room.. tomorrow is the fashion design competition.. a while ago, we already submitted our entries and saw the works of other designers.. most of them are really amazing.. a lot of brilliant ideas, impeccable craftmanship, and interesting concepts.. all the sketches are now displayed in an exhibit at Meguro.. super nice and first class hotel.. its also the venue of the competition.. i went back to my hotel early because tomorrow is the final judgment day! hahaha.. we need to be at the venue at 7:30am for fitting.. the show will start at 2pm and there is another one at 5pm.. sosyal! 2 times ang show! haha.. im so happy to be part of this.. i would like to thank Jerome Lorico for encouraging me to join. to be part of the 78 plus finalists is an amazing accomplishment. there are 2,500 plus applicants.. we are all winners already.. its a cliche but absolutely true.. more than anything else, my experience here in tokyo is my trophy!!! i will post pictures soon! i have a lot.. again, a lot!!! hahaha..

Thursday, October 08, 2009

more updates

oh tokyo!
just got a call from Siti, one of the organizers of the competition in Tokyo and she said that I can pick up my passport tomorrow from the agency. Me, Nicole and Tracy finally got our visa approved! Thank God. My gosh.. they're super strict! As in! Super stressed! haha.. Unlike last year... now, they asked a lot of documents from us.. but its fine.. bottomline is.. we are all going to Tokyo to represent Philippines in the 47th Japan Fashion Design Competition.. im excited! super! its my first time :-)

philippine fashion week spring/summer 2010

im kinda worried because next week will be Philippine Fashion Week and as of the moment, im not yet finished with my collection.. I still need to work on it.. I will be presenting a 10pc collection on October 21, 2009, 530pm at SMX Convention Center for the Opening Night: The Grand Allure Collection.. Some of the designers are:

Date: October 21 (Wednesday) 5:30pm

Ben Farrales
Bo Parcon
Boying Eustaquio
Christian Narvadez
Jaz Cerezo
Jontie Martinez
Marc Rancy
Martin Bautista
Melvin Lachca
Nicky Martinez
Philip Tampus
Popo Go
Richard Papa
Veejay Floresca

my new showroom in makati
i have good news to everyone especially to my clients! :-) I already moved in to a new showroom in makati!! :-) yey!! Bigger and better! :-) It has 4 parking slots.. lounge area for guests, limited ready-to-wear pieces (dresses and gowns) for special events that are for sale.. fit it and buy it! :-) free alteration to custom-fit.. and more more more :-) i will post pictures soon!

official website re-launching
have u seen my website? sorry guys! because i wasnt able to update it often but dont worry coz i will be re launching my official website! :-) u can view my latest photoshoot of my Project Runway Finale collection and Phil Fashion Week Holiday 2009 :-) super nice photos!! :-) and i promise to update it every season! :-) the re birth of

wedding promo
for my weddings.. im so blessed because i have been getting a lot of inquiries :-) thank u so much for appreciating my works.. In line with this and the upcoming christmas season, as a form of thanksgiving to all of you.. i will be launching my very first bridal promo soon.. pls wait for it :-) i will blog it really soon! :-) u can check out my wedding blog at

have a great day guys! :-) mwaaaahhh!!

God bless and see yeah!!!! :-)