Thursday, December 10, 2009

Relaunching of PICC

I was so overwhelmed last night! I was very honored to be the guest designer at the relaunching event of PICC entitled "Host to the World." It was very successful!! I can't describe the feeling.. It's a dream come true to have a fashion show with a live music by the Philharmonic Orchestra.. :-) it's sooo surreal :-) plus! one of my favorite OPM groups The Company was there too! :-)

Thank you Sir Butch and team for this unforgettable opportunity! Thanks also Ms. Ivy!! :-) To all the models.. mwah!! and to my dear friends Yako and Aleq! Thank you so much!! :-)

Yako, Aleq and me at the backstage

this is the stage! Naloka ako! :-)

top view haha

pretty models: aleq, charisse, jyra, melissa and paulette

my collection
first part: Piña Collection
second part: Paper & Pen Collection
last part: Spark Collection

ann casas wearing an ensemble from my Piña collection

barong dress! haha

the sheer plaid pants!! haha. i love it!

a dress from Paper & Pen collection

everything is ready!!

fab models :-)

picture muna before the show! haha

super fun! :-)

Again, thank you to everyone who made this program possible! :-)

to see more photos, go to my online portfolio website
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Paulette said...

grab ko pics sis ha... post ko din sa blog ko! muah!