Friday, November 27, 2009

SLIM: Salvacion Lim Higgins

Salvacion Lim Higgins or SLIM for short is truly an inspiration to everyone in the fashion industry.. especially to young designers like me. I was given the privilege to attend the super fab launching of her coffee table book (u should buy!!) and i saw the spectacular exhibit at the National Museum! The clothes are amazing.. again, its amazing!! haha.. the quality is impeccable and i must really say that most of the clothes are fashion forward.. something u can still wear today or in the future.. the embellishments are super detailed.. i love the shapes, the cut and the choice of color.. SLIM is the filipino version of Dior or Balenciaga in my opinion :-)

I LOVE THE ENTRANCE!! Very New York or very Paris?? ;-)

ganda diba?? everyone was gorgeous!!

i love the red carpet! haha

me and sexy Teresa Herrera

my favorite piece!

super cute lace collection

Anne and Alex Pigao

Fab Preview Team!!! :-)
Liz Uy wearing SLIM.. the bustle!!!

My dear Astrud wearing my dress :-)

to read more and see photos, click here


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maria cecilia said...

i love slim! kainggit....ganda ng event...idol ko kayong dalawa!... i wish makadaan din ako sa national museum one of these days...:))))