Monday, October 19, 2009

Tokyo Day 1

This is it!!! :-) Tokyo Day 1

My flight was 2:30pm but i woke up at 6am because i still need to finish some important things before i leave.. had a fitting with a bride, went to bank to withdraw cash and get yen, endorsed work load to my sewers and beaders.. and finally, packed my stuff on the same day! whew!

when i went to the airport, i saw tracy and nicole. we checked in our luggages and i already expected, i had excess baggage! lol.. good thing tracy dont have much so we combined ours! :-)

i was very excited.. super excited! It was my first time to travel out of the country! i dont know what to expect! but i just want to have fun and enjoy everything!

me and tracy enjoying our trip!

the weather was perfect!

omg!!!! this is it!! First thing i've learned, "stay on the left side" haha

the official candidates for Miss Universe 2009! haha este, 47th Japan Fashion Design Competition pala! lol

Nicole and her gorgeoussss mom!

we had a safe trip! we arrived safe.. we met Nicole's mom and she's really sexy! :-) she's so generous. She paid our limousine bus fare.. ;-) thanks thanks! :-)

while waiting for our bus, we saw this super cute guy!

tracy and i enjoyed our way from Narita going to Shinjuku.. its where our hotel is located. we saw how beautiful the city is :-)

i love this hotel!! its super big and very accessible to the train! :-) u should come here!

when we arrived in our hotel.. Hotel Century Southern Tower at Shinjuku, there was Siti waiting for us! I love Siti so much. She is a japanese woman who loves Philippines so much. She is fluent in english.. :-) she assisted us to our room and we loved it! :-)

We went out to have dinner!

The weather is amazing! i love it. Its cold.. but not super cold.. i cant explain.. basta i love it! :-) she gave us a little tour and we enjoyed it.. i love Shinjuku..

hotel lobby.. ganda!!

this is my favorite!!!

going up to our room!

the view!

i LOVE my
regine dulay couture jacket

siti, tracy and me!!!!

i love love love!!!!

i love japanese foods!

pesos and yen! its called LAPAD because its malapad pala.. haha.. :-)

next.. day 2 :-)

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yhan02ph said...

I love your jacket, looking forward to have your own line of clothing for men with your size.. coz I think we got the same size.. more pictures pls..

Paulette said...

alam mo sis... pwedeng pwede ka na maging photog din!! ganda shots mo and ganda ng japan! at shempre maganda ka rin! o kabog ang jacket ni regine!