Friday, October 16, 2009

my trophy

finally!!! im blogging now! super sorry guys because i was so busy. im enjoying every minute of my tokyo trip thats why most of the time, im out.. and super tired when i get back to my room.. tomorrow is the fashion design competition.. a while ago, we already submitted our entries and saw the works of other designers.. most of them are really amazing.. a lot of brilliant ideas, impeccable craftmanship, and interesting concepts.. all the sketches are now displayed in an exhibit at Meguro.. super nice and first class hotel.. its also the venue of the competition.. i went back to my hotel early because tomorrow is the final judgment day! hahaha.. we need to be at the venue at 7:30am for fitting.. the show will start at 2pm and there is another one at 5pm.. sosyal! 2 times ang show! haha.. im so happy to be part of this.. i would like to thank Jerome Lorico for encouraging me to join. to be part of the 78 plus finalists is an amazing accomplishment. there are 2,500 plus applicants.. we are all winners already.. its a cliche but absolutely true.. more than anything else, my experience here in tokyo is my trophy!!! i will post pictures soon! i have a lot.. again, a lot!!! hahaha..

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