Friday, October 30, 2009

Jam 88.3

Few days ago, i had the chance to become a DJ!!!!! hahaha.. no just kidding! how i wish! I was invited to be their guest for their fashion segment :-) I super enjoyed my experience.. at first i was really nervous because its LIVE! But after a while, na enjoy ko na!! haha.. super thanks to Kiby.. to Chalk.. Jam 88.3.. Patty and Tracy!

me and patty

with tracy

i enjoyed this guesting!! its different!! :-)

Patty, Veejay, Kiby and Tracy

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Precious said...

Hi veejay! im not sure if you still remember me, Im Pam's bestfriend Precious :> you did all our gowns last month for Pam's wedding at 1Esplanade, anyways i got so excited when i saw your photos with the Jam DJ's, Dj Patti is actually a very dear friend of mine and Pam's as well. Take care now bye mwah!