Friday, October 30, 2009

Congrats to my dearest sister!

My sister finished a degree in Bachelor or Arts in Nursing at Emilio Aguinaldo College. I admire her.. i salute all the students who finished this course because i think its not easy.. You need determination, patience and passion to finish nursing.. its not all about memorizing and problem solving.. its also about caring.. its about nurturing..

I can't explain what i feel.. But one thing I am sure of is, I'm very happy and fulfilled. I know that my parents are very very happy as well because all their cute kids have finished college! :-) All of us got our college diploma! I can still remember when my father used to tell us that education is the only thing that he can give us aside from his love and support.. My father became a CPA lawyer because of hardwork. He was the one who paid his own tuition fee. He was a working student. When he met my mom, they rented a house and they were sleeping under the stairs because they transformed the whole place into a boarding house for extra profit.. they did it because they want my Dad to finish law. When I was born, 1985.. that was the year when my Dad finally became a lawyer.. that's the reason why my first name is Vic. (short for victory) hahaha.. FYI!

I was in 3rd yr high school, April was in 1st year high school and Ate May was a freshman student in college when our father passed away. My mom doesn't have a work that time because she has devoted her time to take care of us and the family at home.. We were left with nothing.. Thinking about the past.. about what happened.. I can really say that God truly blessed my family. He provided everything. My father's death did not become a reason for us to lose hope.. We worked hard to accomplish our dreams to finish college in a reputable institution no matter what happen.. and we were able to do it!

Ate may.. april.. mommy.. its a job well done! :-) I'm sure daddy is very happy. He's proud of us!

Education is important.. to all the students who are reading this, finish your school! :-) That is one of the best tools to fight poverty and the best ladder to reach success!

Again, congratulations to my sister!

Pinning ceremony

accepting her diploma

april (we call her april) and me

my mom and madz (some of her friends call her madz)

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