Tuesday, September 29, 2009

my ondoy experience

The night before the "super flood day," I was with my friends at Greenbelt and we watched Surrogates (its a nice movie)... I went home right after because I have 8am flight the next day to Bohol to meet a client.. It was raining already that time...

When I got home, my mom talked to me and told me to cancel my flight because she heard in the news that there's a typhoon.

I was in my room and I can hear the strong wind blowing... and the heavy rain falling... I texted my client.

I woke up around 5am and to my surprise, the weather became worse. That’s the time I texted my client and told her that I have to cancel my flight.. I went back to sleep.

Its past 10am in the morning when I woke up. I went down and I was shocked when I saw my mom and my sister shouting because the water was flowing inside our house already.. I immediately checked my car.. and OH MY GOSH! I can’t see the tires anymore because of the flood. I got the key and 2 of my neighbors helped me push the car.. I don’t know what to do because the water is flowing inside already.. I prayed. I brought the car to buendia near taft and park it in front of Pagcor building. I removed all the water and immediately went back to my house.

The water inside our house reached almost knee to thigh level.. But we are still lucky because we were able to move all of our electronic appliances to the 2nd floor immediately in less than an hour. Until now we can’t still believe we did that.

I'm so thankful to God because we were all safe! I think that's the most important thing..

Yesterday, I went to Payatas with my friends and helped the people from the community. We packed food, water old clothes, slippers, shoes, etc. and distributed them to the people. They were very thankful. I was very happy. It’s very tiring but it’s fulfilling.

I pray to God to bless all the generous people who have contributed and shared their blessings.. May God heal the hearts of people who were terribly affected by the flood.. May he continue to do miracles and help everyone who needs help.. I know that God is with us.. He will provide everything we need.. Lets just keep on praying and we should never lose our faith.

Thank you to everyone who texted me and asked for my condition. Thank you for the love and concern. :-) mwah


Brian Shane said...

I'm happy you and your family is fine and your computer is fixed. Can't blog without it dear! Bx

marvin said...

Gawad Kalinga foundation has launched its way to help those families that were affected by the recent catastrophe caused by Typhoon Ondoy. They have a Ketsana Relief page from which we can give our share to help the victims.

ghandialee said...

happy your safe. god bless!!