Sunday, September 13, 2009


It was a very normal day when I was in the gym and I got a txt from someone i dont know yet (She's name is Bennette) telling me that I was nominated for the "Most Inspiring Young Entrepreneur Award".. I don't know what to feel, is it true? who nominated me? or maybe its a scam.. I replied and asked her to call me after 1 hour. She didnt call right away.. I was in a fabric store na when i got a call from her.. and ayun na.. She said that I won! hahaha.. I was really nervous and shaking.. im not being exaggerated but for me, its a BIG thing.. I really love to inspire people especially the youth.. one the reasons why I'm teaching now is because i want to teach and inspire my students.. and this award is something that I'm very very very thankful for and super unexpected.. :-)

so much for the drama.. ;-)

I want to say thank you for Mr. Joey Concepcion, all the staff, Bennette, Sen Manny Villar, Chris Tiu, Karen Davila, Paolo Bediones, everyone!!!! As in everyone!! :-) who worked hard for this endeavor..

to my fellow awardees, congratulations! :-)

to God, thank you. You have been so good to me. Thank you! I want to give back the Glory to you..

to my friends, especially Martin and Patrick who were there to hug me when i got the good news..

and to my family.. My Mom, Uen, April, ate May.. you are all my inspiration why I'm working so hard.. :-) this is all for you..

and to the youth! :-) Always remember that nothing is impossible with God. Trust him. Work hard, love your work, be professional and never give up! If u fail, stand and start again! :-) No guts, no glory.. U can do it! haha :-)

and the last but definitely not the least, to my dear friend, YAKO REYES.. ;-) love u sis!

mejo kinakabahan haha

ayan ok na, naka smile na :-)

super daming tao!!! Puno and SMX!

lunch at Myron's Place

super pictorial sa shop! hahaha

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