Saturday, August 15, 2009

47th Japan Fashion Design Competition

It's official! :-)

Finally, i can share u the good news because i already received yesterday the letter from Japan!

2 weeks ago, i got a good news! YEYYY!! I got an email from Siti, one of the organizers and she told me that I made it! I was chosen to represent Philippines to the 47th International Fashion Design Competition in Tokyo, Japan! ;-) Out of almost 2,500 entries, 3 filipino designers were picked to represent our country.. very miss universe lang diba?! hahaha.. Congratulations to Me, Nicole Mori and Tracy Dizon! :-)


We will be flying to Tokyo on October! :-) I need sponsors.. haha.. calling generous people.. have mercy.. :-) *wink* entry is called


I want to concentrate to this one.. so that's the reason why i won't be able to join Philippine Fashion Week Spring Summer 2010 this year..


Lynn said...

Wishing you the best. Won't wish you luck because you don't need it. And in this endeavor you need love & support ;) Go VEEJAY.

James said...

Great sketch. Looks like a winner. Balenciaga meets Imelda ba to?! said...

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DJ (Dong Jong) said...

Hi VeeJay we may not know each other all though ang dami nating common friends, anyways, i love your designs more power to you. I'll add you to my blog list =;D

Veejay Floresca said...

thank u ;-)