Friday, June 26, 2009

2 Fashion Icons died today..

so sad.. :-(

I googled his name "Michael Jackson" and this is what i got..

"One of the few artists to have been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice, his other achievements include multiple Guinness World Records—including one for "Most Successful Entertainer of All Time"—13 Grammy Awards, 13 number one singles in his solo career—more than any other male artist in the Hot 100 era—and the sales of over 750 million albums worldwide. Cited as one of the world's most famous men.."

I love his songs! My number one favorite is "You Are Not Alone.." I always sing this! haha.. and i personally think that the song has a very meaningful lyrics..

i love the futuristic jacket!

it reminds me of Balenciaga S/S 07

Dont you love the "bitin" pants that became a hit trend?! :-)

Farrah Fawcett became popular in the 70’s because of her hairstyle. The first time i heard her name was when it was used as an adjective for a hairstyle.. "very farrah fawcett.." and i love it!!! :-) F-A-B diba!! :-)

i love the hair. super! and she's pretty!

They are certified fashion icons!

They have inspired many..

They will remain forever!

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