Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Miss Universe 2008 and tribute to Crystle Stewart

We were all excited for the big day! Ang official holiday ng mga beky. hahaha.. :-) The Miss Universe 2008! I woke up 6am. Ate my breakfast, did some office works and takbo agad to Nicole's place to see my other friends and to watch the pageant! All of us had our bets and out of the 15 semi finalists, i got only 6. But in fairness, my top 6 were included in the final 10. hahaha.. :-)

My prediction for the final 5: usa, spain, mexico, venezuela, india (i only got 2/5)

Congratulations to the new Miss Universe 2008. Dayana Mendoza from Venezuela. Well, she deserved it! For me, she really did a great job. She was consistent during the swimsuit, evening gown and final q&a.. Congrats also to my dear friend Lex Librea! (sya ang miss venezuela forever.. haha)

I was soooooo sad. I was really rooting for Miss USA, Crystle Stewart to win Miss Universe 2008. She was very good. Smart, sexy and very confident. I must admit, she is not really that pretty but i love her distinct face and to me, thats beautiful!

If you will know her story, you will be inspired. She joined several times before getting the very prestigious Miss USA crown.. she is very hardworking and truly a role model.

I was so sad when she fell yesterday. Because i am very sure if it didn't happen, she would end up as one of the top 5 or even bring home the crown. It was really painful because i like her so much. But that's life.. She has already proven something.. She has inspired many lives.. She stood up when she fell.. And to me, that's more than winning.

Till next year! I had fun.. :-)

i love the song!

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