Tuesday, May 29, 2007

MEN OF PROVOQ 2nd Edition

hi guys.

yup! its right. viva will be producing another edition of men of provoq. but this time, its gonna be more daring, sexier, hotter than before.. and whats the good news about it? i'll be part of it.. i mean.. part of the creative and production team ah.. ill be designing their clothes.. oh basically no clothes.. hehe
yesterday, we had a very intense meeting at direk monti's place.. we have agreed that this time, its much different with the first edition. secret muna ung concept pero im sure u'll love it.. In the 2nd edition you will still be seeing the 10 original members.. PLUS 10 more gorgeous guys.. though i havent met them personally.. but i heard gwapo sila..
ill keep you posted. :-)
got a link of men of provoq 1st edition:

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powerbottom.ph said...

hi veejay

would you know how to get tickets for the provoq show?

whats the diff between the 1k and the 1.5k seats?

hehehe sayang sana kasama din ako sa shoot ng provoq