Monday, February 05, 2007

bicol days

hey guys!

i spent 5 days in bicol, the place where my mom was born.

tuesday- left manila 5:30am. arrived at calabanga cam.sur at 3pm.
- we went to bistro roberto in naga city.. party!!!

wed to friday- hmm.. we went to palo bato and tambo albay.. ito ung place na very province and urban ang level.. no signal.. dami kalabaw, pato.. etc.. we took a bath using mineral water coming from the mountain.. haha

sat - went back to calabanga..

sunday - left at 7am - arrived at manila 8:45pm..

i had fun. the last time i was there was 1996 something.. almost 10 years..

im back. it means... back to work! :-)

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