Saturday, January 27, 2007

accent & detail apparel

i started my work as in-house designer of accent & detail apparel last jan 16 2006. Right after graduation, my carreer as a fashion designer started there.. hmmm.. what can i say? honestly, it was a very fulfilling job. here are just some of the many reasons: met new friends, exposed to the production of clothes, discovered many places to buy nice fabrics, met skilled sewers, learned the business side, allowed to accept my own clients.. and many more. i knew from the very beginning that i want that kind of job.. i would like to thank my bosses or should i say mentors, wendell solomon, chie mendoza-solomon and randall solomon for everything. they have supported me in all my endeavors..
And now, i think the time has come for me to apply everything i've learned both from school and work by starting my own atelier.. i pray to God for wisdom, courage and a lot of creative juices..
FYI: Those pictures are real. Meaning, i was not aware that Pio Herras was taking my pictures (kasi bago cam nya..inggit ako! hehe).. check this out: He went there to fit the jacket i made for him.. while Santi and cj were there to take pictures for BLIP Mag, the official publication of CSB.

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