Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Pinoy Dream Academy

well.. after ms earth, u can dance, etc.. i am now working for pinoy dream academy.. i was assigned to make clothes for some of the scholars.. irish, chad.. and just this week.. jr.

well.. i am enjoying my work.. i got the chance to enter the house/academy and meet all the scholars.. they're all nice.. and of course, bonding moments!! and i was able to meet the director mr laurenti dyogi. he's a nice person and very good-looking.. hehe

so guys, watch pda gala show every saturday.

thanks! :-)

omg: sa wakas! nakakuha ako ng picture ni toni wearing my gown. :D

Thursday, October 12, 2006

MEGA Young Designers' Competition 2006 is finally over. But the memories will always be remembered..

first, i would like to thank my fellow finalists for doing a GREAT JOB! It was really a fab show..congrats to everyone esp to aries! :-) cheers! the staff, vmv, sponsors, saga and mega peeps, models, hosts, direk robby, judges.. grabe!! i dont know what to say.. thank you and more power to all!

secondly, all the people who watched the show.. u made my night perfect! to everyone who prayed hard for me to win.. thanks! God only knows why. We should trust him always..

for all the support, prayers, cheers, lahat lahat na.. SALAMAT! SALAMAT! SALAMAT!

of course.. my FAMILY.. my siblings, relatives.. thanks. and syempre, my inspiration, my MOM.. and all the mothers! for the love, care, faith and sacrifices..

and the most important thing i would like to thank is our Almighty God for giving me so many blessings.

truly, MEGA YDC has changed my life in many ways.

im looking forward for a better future.. of course, with all of YOU guys.. my family, my friends, my everything! :-)

God bless! :-)

Sunday, October 08, 2006

what do i feel?

MEGA Young Designers' Competition 2006 is coming soon.. i mean it.

right now im here in glorietta.. i just had a whole body massage at the The Spa in Greenbelt.. to relax.. and later go to a salon to have a hair cut..

it was april 28 when i submitted my entry to MEGA office. it was a very special day to me coz it was my 21st birthday.. after 2 months of waiting, i was in a jeep when i got a call from gerswin and a text msg from honnie telling me they were chosen as semi-finalists. i didnt get any txt/call that moment so i thought i ddnt make it. when i came in the shop ate nelya told me that my mom called.. i felt nervous. i called my mom. she said a girl from mega called. i was terrified. i called mega.. luckily, i was chosen as semi-finalist. thank God. we had a panel interview july 11 and it was july 26 when sophie called me up and said the good news. i never expected it. i was chosen to be part of the FINAL 6.

we had 2 months to complete the 6-piece collection. i was excited. i was nervous. i was worried. i prayed to God to give me wisdom, strength, creative mind, and money to finance my collection..

today is oct 8 and i can truly say that the Lord has given me more than i asked for.. new set of friends, a very supportive mentor, support from friends and generous help from tita beth and other people..

yesterday, we had a fitting with the models and i was very happy to see my creations worn by beautiful models.. that moment, i had a short prayer..

2 days from now, the winner will be announced. it can be joanna, emi, aries, dave, randall or me.. all of us want to win. but whoever wins, that person deserves it.

i am feeling nervous.. excited.. happy and most of all blessed.. to be part of the final 6 is such a great blessing from above.. im praying for the success of the show.. see you all on Oct 10.. :-)

Friday, October 06, 2006

its coming soon..

hello guys. watch out for MEGA Young Designers' Competition on Oct10,2006. 6pm at Crowne Plaza Hotel in Ortigas. Its near rob galleria. Pls come and support me and my fellow finalists.. its going to be a great show. i assure you that. :-) free entrance so u can bring friends.. :-) the show is sponsored by samsung, mega, etc channel, phil daily inquirer, and many more. directed by robby carmona.. :-)

im almost done with my collection. but i still need to do the final touches.. 2mrw is fitting of models.. on tuesday.. oct 10.. its the moment of truth. gosh! im so nervous.. and so excited to see the VIPs of my life.. family.. frends.. relatives.. crushes.. clients.. and many more.. haha.. see u there...

thanks. mwah.