Sunday, July 30, 2006

this is it.

oh gosh. this is it.

together with the other finalists, we had our first meeting last friday, for our sked and other important matters about the competition.. oh my gosh! deadlyn of the first outfit is on aug 14. all of us are required to submit one garment the judges had chosen for us to execute for the pictorial and publicity.. prayers pls. we need.

here are the 6 finalists for the MEGA 7th Young Designers Competition
Theme: Shape of the New Future

1. Joanna Allas
2. Emi Alexander Englis
3. Veejay Floresca
4. Aris IƱigo Lagat
5. Dave Panganiban
6. Randall Solomon

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

MEGA Result

Hey guys. im so happy. guess what? i made it to the top 6. Thank God.

I was in the car with my boss. Unregistered number called me up.. i answered the fone.. very clueless. "hello.. is this veejay?" i said "yes and why?" i thought it was a client.. then she introduced herself. "im sophie from mega.. congrats.. blah blah.. blah.." i was shocked! i was crying.. i didnt hear any words from her.. i thought i was dreaming.. i didnt hear what sophie said after that.. i apologized..

being one of the mega finalists is a dream come true. im already a winner.. i will give my best.. my very best!

i would like to thank ALL THE PEOPLE who have supported me.. for all the prayers, for all the encouragements and for believing in me. u know who u are.

to God be the Glory..

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

PULP Magazine

Hey guys..

Pls do get a copy of the latest PULP magazine. june-july issue. My white multiple layered gown worn by barbie almalbis is the cover page. i love it! thanks pulp! :-) mwah..

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

yesterday.. we had a panel interview at mega office. i was scheduled 3:15pm.. honnie was also there.. 3 benildeans were chosen as semi-finalists for the mega competition. me, honnie and gers. but gers didnt attend the interview coz flight nya to hongkong.. some of my friends were also chosen. the panelists were carla sibal-mega editor in chief, patrick ty-head stylist, ivarluski aseron-designer, fdcp and ydg. i was nervous. super! but when the interview started, it turned out as a casual conversation.. the interview's purpose i guess is for them to know how the clothes will be executed.. they also asked me about my inspirtaion, materials, etc.

they will choose the final 6 to compete on the finals night soon.

friends, pls pray not only for me but for the rest of the semi-finalists. all of us are already winners coz to be chosen as one, its not easy. i swear!

ill keep you posted.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

thank God

me and my hero, my boyfriend.. haha!!

my new hair extension!! haha.. lol!

PROUD AND TRUE @ 82.. ncaa costume by yours truly. :-) photo by ralph ng.

the purpose driven life

for the past few days, i started reading a book entitled "The Purpose Driven Life." it was a bday gift to my sister.. not mine.. truly, it was a very inspiring book that will help you realize about the importance of life, about God and about yourself.. im not yet done reading it but i can truly say that the book is worth-reading.. its a must-read for everyone.

mega's 7th young designers competition

thank God i was chosen to be one of the lucky semi-finalists. the theme: "Shape of the New Future." some of my dear friends were also chosen.. we will be having an interview on july 11. Honestly, to be one of the semi-finalists.. im a already a winner! Good luck to me.. goodluck to my friends.. pray for us guys. :)