Friday, June 30, 2006

i watched the movie on its first day.. i fell in love with him! i like clark kent more than superman.. my loyalty was tested.. superman or spiderman?? uhm.. BOTH! pls dont make me choose coz its so hard.. my heart is breaking!! haha.. watch the movie.. im a fan! im a super obsessed fan! haha.. if i can make one wish now.. it wud be.. "can i be brandon routh's wife forever??" thats my wish.. so it means.. forever!! hahaha... LISTEN GUYS!! I LIKE HIM!!!!!!!!! :P

i hate lois lane! charing lang! :)

Sunday, June 25, 2006

what a busy day!

PROUD AND TRUE @ 82: ncaa opening ceremony
season host: College of Saint Benilde

i had the chance to dsign the costume for the dancers for the opening ceremony. it was my first time as a costume designer and i hope i did well.. i would like to thank santi for sharing with me his ideas. it helped me a lot. my design consists of a white chiffon circular bias skirt, white american twill cropped vest, stretch pants with side fringes and one-piece asymmetrical body suit. colors are apple green, white and black. because of some unwanted circumstances, the original program structure was revised.. there will be no set.. the choreography was changed for the last minute.. and unfortunately, some of the costume will not be used anymore bec there is no time for "quick change." i feel pitty for the dancers bec truly, it was a super dance marathon!! 3 dances in one whole dance! walang pahinga!!kaloka! but congratulations! their performance was great! it was a great feeling if someone appreciates ur work.. and i would like to thank the EVP bec she liked me design. thank you maam! im gonna post the picture soon..


together with my frends, we went there to party! it was a night full of fashionistas and celebrities.. :-) there i met rain dagala.. my college friend whom i missed so much.. i also saw my wildvines batchmates.. kakamiss!! bonding! i got a free shu uemura goodies! yey!


Truly, the gay community is increasing! haha.. i met my gayfrends there!! haha.. after that.. we went to government and checked out the place.. as usual.. gays.. party.. music.. white tops.. kisses!! i met rita and frends! haha.. it was my first time to visit the place.. it was ok..

i went home past 4am.. tired but happy!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

join and be a SUPERMODEL!

best wishes sheryll and luther!! :)

Monday, June 19, 2006

sample pics for my website!

ey guys.. pls give comments! im gonna use some of these pics for my website.. SOOOON!! photographers: jm ballaran, mike tidalgo. graphic artist: malcolm bacani. models: patty dungca, michelle corley, michelle panemanglor. fashion by: veejay floresca

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Bb. ParaƱaque 2006 - Casino Filipino, Pque
Ms. Katrina "Y2K" Villanueva won "Best in National Costume." wearing a veejay floresca creation.. i took inspiration from our very own, bahay kubo. Its a brown serpentina spandex, fully embellished with wood rings and thread with 50 yards shredded chiffon in 3 different earth colors.. and of course, to complete the look, a parasol made of jute sack and "walis tambo" dyed into dark brown.. all the materials came from bicol. i would like to thank jerome lorico for helping me make the payong.. grabe! he went to bicol pa just to make sure that the process of dying was perfect! to besi and y2k!! thank u.. we did our best!! thats the most important thing. :-) mwah!

U Can Dance - ABS-CBN. 1st episode
My dance couple (alwyn and tetchie) didnt make it! They were eliminated. I wasnt able to watch the taping coz i attended the pageant.. my friends who watched them had a common answer: alwyn and tetchie had the best performance among others!.. well.. thats life. its a cliche but its true, life is a bit unfair.. even though they were the best, natanggal pa rin sila. i was sad.
watch out for iya villania. she wore a fully sequined dress with tulle cut-outs by yours truly. and of course, brown stretch with fringes for tetchie and long-sleeves polo with straps for alwyn..

i had fun! thank you guys!

PERFECT MATCH! wedding gown by veejay floresca.. best wishes!!! :-)
thanks joma! both of u look stunning.. ganda! mwah!

Friday, June 09, 2006

work of love

ive been too busy lately.. and why?

1. company uniform bidding at maynilad
yup. it was a 3-day of work. i was the official company representative. i was there to defend, explain and discuss our designs to the panel.. thank God it was a success! we had models.. and im glad coz i met new friends. female models were patty and michelle from csb, and male models were lemuelle, jc, joel, james and emorej. thanks guys! i had so much fun! the result: we made it to the top 3. the panel will then pick only one among the final 3.. gudlak to us! :)

2. Bb Paranaque 2006 - National costume
i had a friend (from lasalle).. she's one of the contestants for Bb Paranaque... i did her national costume. it was a "bahay-kubo" inspired costume made of wood rings, stretch nude spandex, shredded chiffon in 3 colors matched with an exaggerated natural dyed-walis tambo as parasol.. haha.. the pageant is on sunday. gudlak gurl! :) i will post the picture soon.

3. u can dance - the pilot episode
i had fun together with my fellow csb young designers.. all the outfits were great! kudos to all of us! check out my design worn by alwyn and tetchie, dance couple #4.. and guess what?? my dance couple was picked to be one of the first 3 finalists who will compete this coming sunday.. hay! super work na naman! gudlak! :-)

mwah! :-)