Sunday, January 29, 2006

im gonna leave csb soon..

finally, ill be graduating on feb 4, 2005... *sigh*

after 3.5 years of learning, the time has come for me to leave my dear alma mater. but well.. thats life. life must go on.. i can truly say the my college life is truly worth-remembering! i learned lots of things.. i met true friends.. i had wonderful experiences.. in other words, i had fun. it was all worth it!

when we had our grad rehearsal the other day, i had mixed emotions. i felt sad because im gonna miss schooling.. at the same time, i was happy because i saw all of my crushes from 1st year to 4th yr. i cant believe they were all there with me. grabe! even until now, i cant fully understand why things are like that.. i met them in csb and they are all graduating.. WITH ME.. i wont mention their names na coz im shy.. charing!! but my closest friends knew who they are.. hehe they are all cute.. :-) i just wish all of them to have a successful career..

so much for this.. ill post more pictures soon.. :-)

Monday, January 23, 2006

PAMPANGA Weekends!! :-)

weekends at pampanga

i had a great time last week at pampanga.. we left manila friday night.. we stayed at century park hotel in angeles.. im with my friends.. all fashion designers.. ricci lizaso, michael despues, jay, alex pigao.. hehe..

first we decided to go bar-hopping.. we went to IL POSTO.. a club just right beside the hotel.. it was a nice place.. although the place is too small to accompany lots of people.. so expect LOTS OF SWEATING.. hehe!! then we went to SAX.. this place is more comfortable.. i love the music and the crowd.. there are lots of paminta.. hehe..

tapos the next day.. i went back to manila for some business appointments.. tarush! then i met jay to go back.. :-)

jay and i went to baryo san joaquin?? oops! im not sure if thats the name of the baryo.. hehe.. it was a baryo that is really PROBINSYA SETTING.. hehe.. i love the grass.. the small houses.. the tricycle.. and the people.. :-) then we went to PRIMITIVA BAR to meet ricci and mikmik.. :-) it was a gay bar.. hehehehe.. it was my first time to enter a gay bar and i was really shocked.. ! :-0
but in fairness.. my frend told me that the entertainment there is more decent compared to gaybars in manila/qc... kasi walang naghuhubad dun sa primitiva.. just a denim pekpek shorts.. boots (kaloka..chaka ng boots nila..hehe sori..) and they dance.. actually.. i didnt see anyone cute .. or should i say.. they are not my type.. i dont like buff men though.. and i wont forget the performance of kenji.. half japanese guy who acted as "aguilus" with a mulawin costume dancing in the tune of south border song.. ung theme song ng movie na mulawin.. i forgot the title.. but i love the song.. the guy wore wings.. AND wings siya ng angel.. hahaha.. not the mulawin wings.. grabe!! super tawa ako tlga.. hehehe..

then after that, we went back to SAX then IL POSTO!! one of the waiters there is cute. :-) natulog kami 5 am na.. :-)

the next day, sunday.. we left the hotel coz were leaving pampanga na.. we went to ROB.. then SM.. and eat.. hahaha.. kaloka! i failed to watch the battle of pacquiao vs morales.. :-( too bad.. but i received a text from a friend and manny won.. hmm.. parang nagka crush ako bigla kay manny.. hehe.. i took the picture sa sm.. ung poster dun..hehe..

we went to bulaon pampanga to visit jay's friends and we saw cute guys.. hmm end of story.. haha..

we left manila monday after eating at Luring's... its a nice resto... i love the food! :-)

i had fun.. :-) thanks guys! mwah! :-)

i love pacman!! ;-)

my love.

hi guys.. meet my younger brother... he is HESENT UEN R. FLORESCA.. i chose his name.. HESENT (meaning "He Sent") UEN because i just like it.. hehe.. its kinda unique though.. well.. this little bro of mine is super sweet and smart.. he just turned 3 by the way.. he knows lots of things na including the theme songs of abs-cbn teleserye.. haha.. he can sing.. he can dance.. and he can answer the fone.. say hello.. and ask hus calling.. haha.. hmmm.. i love him so much and for me.. he is a gift from God.. i know God has a purpose why "HE SENT" Hesent to us.. :-)

Friday, January 13, 2006

my handwriting

The results of your analysis say:

You plan ahead, and are interested in beauty, design, outward appearance, and symmetry.
You are a shy, idealistic person who does not find it easy to have relationships, especially intimate ones.
You are affectionate, passionate, expressive, and future-oriented.
You are a talkative person, maybe even a busybody!
You enjoy life in your own way and do not depend on the opinions of others.

my reaction.

grabe.. i cant believe ITS TRUE!! everything!! nakakaloka.. how did it happen? ONLY MY CLOSEST FRIENDS and my family can agree with me. thanks jaja for this..

try niyo din.. :-)

my job.

hey guys. thank God i have a work na.. i love it!

im an in-house designer of a MADE-TO-ORDER fashion house in makati that specializes in formal occasions like debut, prom, wedding, etc.. but of course we also do corporate uniforms.. we specialize both in mens and womens wear.. even childrens wear.. in other words, we do made-to-order clothes! name it.. we'll do it! hehe.. if u are interested.. just leave a comment and everything will follow.. thank u.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

guys here is my latest pic.. ayoko mag emote!! thats all!! hehe.. mwah!

Monday, January 09, 2006

what happened??


new years eve.

hmmm... new year na!! kaya dapat new life..

well.. my new year had a great start.. i spent the new year's eve with my loved ones... my dear family and my relatives.. family reunion!! and it was really enjoy.. as usual... i became the host of the night.. there were games and of course..inuman!! oh btw.. i won!! its the "SEXIEST DANCE game" hahaha.. i got a cash prize for that.. u know what i did?? i put feathers on my nipples and stripped!! hahaha.. grabe! super funny tlga.. im so glad my family and relatives LOVE me for who i am.. thanks po! :-) the party finished at 5am.

reunion at angelo estera's shop.

well.. i was invited to join the reunion of angel's barkada.. they were michael, sander, alex, ronan, julia.. and we had fun!! hehe... i love the cookies and cream ice cream!! mmm.. :-) nice meeting u guys.. :-)

beauty day.

my new friend sander treat everyone of us a beauty make-over day!! WOW!!!

first, we had a super yummy lunch at pingping's lechon.. grabe! super dami food.. di nga namin naubos eh.. i love the lechon!! haha.. and after that, we decided to go to the salon in ortigas.. its called isabel salon.. lady agatha.. the owner, is a good friend of sander.. kaya naman free kami.. hehe.. i had a hair color.. its kinda red and brown.. and i love it!! then, i had my hair cut by a good stylist.. cute!! then after that.. we went to a dermatologist for a mask, and facial.. i purchased a set of medicine for my face.. mejo mahal pero ok lang.. para naman sa ikagaganda ko!! hehe..

paris post party at jojie's place.

yehey!!! my paris batchmates and i had a party at jojies place! we had a dinner there and of course.. sharing of photos and kwentos!! grabe!! inggit ako.. they really had a great time in paris.. finals week kasi namin eh.. kaya i wasnt able to join them.. super kwento ever.. and we decided to party at sake lab in makati.. then.. we went to bed in malate!!

dinner at ayala alabang.

sander invited me to participate in the upcoming fashion show in hyatt hotel in roxas blvd entitled "SWIRL: A celebration of life and thanksgiving" all the proceeds will go the beneficiary.. Golden Acres.. the show will be on jan14, sat, 8pm. pls be there to support!! :-) sander introduced me to the owner of the house and the producer of the show.. she is christina decena. she's a nice woman. mabait at sweet... she even gave me a gift. hmmm.. i enjoyed the night..

Sunday, January 01, 2006

my new year's resolutions

well.. do i still believe in new year's resolutions?
ahm yeah.. maybe.. im not sure.. but one thing is for sure.. i will do all my best to achieve my goals for 2006. maybe thats my new year's reso..

hmm.. what are my goals for 2006?

1. to have a job/business! im a newly grad.. :-) hire me.. hehe.
2. to have more friends.
3. to keep in touch with my friends in college..
4. to have a debut party!! gosh! im turning 18.. haha.. este 21 pala..
5. to inspire people!

so.. help me! hehe.. thanks guys! :-) mwah!

this is my favorite!! ganda!!
i love this..!! look at the skirt.. parang may snow effect!! haha.. :-)

photos by: michael tidalgo
edited by: pio herras
wardrobe by: veejay floresca

if your interested... pls leave a message.. :-)

thanks everyone!!