Thursday, December 21, 2006


happy and sad: those were the feelings i had that night.

i was happy. yup! very happy coz bonding moments ulet ito with my friends... jona, john, khyvin, kirei, mama bing, butchoy, justin, joey, janice, pda staff, etc... and of course, it was another opportunity to see the scholars and makipag-bonding.. working with them was fun.. i was really inspired to make their clothes coz like me, they also have dreams and they want to achieve it and it was an honor to be part of it..

i only had 3 days to make the clothes. arrggh! super taranta ako! as in! i even sew some of their clothes just to meet the deadline for fitting.. but thank God coz everything went ok! to God be the glory.

i was sad. very sad.. coz doing their clothes every night has been part of my weekly routine and its finally over.. i will miss a lot of things.. txt ni kirei, ung abs-cbn van, gala shows, pda staff, wardrobe peeps, mama bing, make-up artists, direk, pda scholars and most of all si jay-r at si chad.. (*im starting to cry*) GUYS! i'll miss you. au revoir!!!

i would like to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart! SALAMAT PO!

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photos by jona


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Veejay! You may not know me but I'm a schoolmate, almost always nakasunod kay Rain that's why I know you. haha. feeling close. Anyways, just wanna congratulate you. I heard your name during the dream night so I tried to look for pictures. I remember you were also part of the Metro thing, I saw the ad sa etc. Ang layo ng narating mo. Cheers!

veejay floresca said...

hi venice.. yeah i remember you.. btw, thanks for that. God bless!! :-)