Sunday, November 12, 2006

what a super busy day..!

yesterday, i was super very mega over busy to the maximum level of intensity.. whew! :-)

i usually wake up 9am coz i always follow the rule of "8 hours of sleep.." haha. aside from the fact that im a person who loves sleeping..

530 am - gising na ako! very elementary and high school..
630 am - pictorial wedding at island cove
9 am - wedding at kawit cavite
10 am - baclaran (sourcing)
2pm - fitting, wedding entourage of ricky
4pm - fitting, wedding of anne
6 pm - fitting, merlanie
7pm - pinoy dream academy
130 am - zzzZZZzzz..

but in the end... it was a day full of happy moments! ;-)

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