Thursday, October 12, 2006

MEGA Young Designers' Competition 2006 is finally over. But the memories will always be remembered..

first, i would like to thank my fellow finalists for doing a GREAT JOB! It was really a fab show..congrats to everyone esp to aries! :-) cheers! the staff, vmv, sponsors, saga and mega peeps, models, hosts, direk robby, judges.. grabe!! i dont know what to say.. thank you and more power to all!

secondly, all the people who watched the show.. u made my night perfect! to everyone who prayed hard for me to win.. thanks! God only knows why. We should trust him always..

for all the support, prayers, cheers, lahat lahat na.. SALAMAT! SALAMAT! SALAMAT!

of course.. my FAMILY.. my siblings, relatives.. thanks. and syempre, my inspiration, my MOM.. and all the mothers! for the love, care, faith and sacrifices..

and the most important thing i would like to thank is our Almighty God for giving me so many blessings.

truly, MEGA YDC has changed my life in many ways.

im looking forward for a better future.. of course, with all of YOU guys.. my family, my friends, my everything! :-)

God bless! :-)

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