Wednesday, July 12, 2006

yesterday.. we had a panel interview at mega office. i was scheduled 3:15pm.. honnie was also there.. 3 benildeans were chosen as semi-finalists for the mega competition. me, honnie and gers. but gers didnt attend the interview coz flight nya to hongkong.. some of my friends were also chosen. the panelists were carla sibal-mega editor in chief, patrick ty-head stylist, ivarluski aseron-designer, fdcp and ydg. i was nervous. super! but when the interview started, it turned out as a casual conversation.. the interview's purpose i guess is for them to know how the clothes will be executed.. they also asked me about my inspirtaion, materials, etc.

they will choose the final 6 to compete on the finals night soon.

friends, pls pray not only for me but for the rest of the semi-finalists. all of us are already winners coz to be chosen as one, its not easy. i swear!

ill keep you posted.

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