Sunday, July 30, 2006

this is it.

oh gosh. this is it.

together with the other finalists, we had our first meeting last friday, for our sked and other important matters about the competition.. oh my gosh! deadlyn of the first outfit is on aug 14. all of us are required to submit one garment the judges had chosen for us to execute for the pictorial and publicity.. prayers pls. we need.

here are the 6 finalists for the MEGA 7th Young Designers Competition
Theme: Shape of the New Future

1. Joanna Allas
2. Emi Alexander Englis
3. Veejay Floresca
4. Aris IƱigo Lagat
5. Dave Panganiban
6. Randall Solomon


sants said...

..omg veejay..

ang swerte mo naman sa mga contest kapatid, nakakaloka ka talaga...I do wish you all the strength and luck as you embark on another point in your journey. Nandito lang kami para sumuporta sa iyo hanggang sa huli...I know you can do it and you know that too...

I'm really happy for you, and very excited to see your clothes on the ramp...Btw, ang ganda ng dresses nyo nila jona at honnie sa wedding magazine na nabili ko..panalo kayo ever...Long live fashion..

see you soon..

veejay floresca said...

oi santi.. thanks.. God is really good. :-)