Wednesday, July 26, 2006

MEGA Result

Hey guys. im so happy. guess what? i made it to the top 6. Thank God.

I was in the car with my boss. Unregistered number called me up.. i answered the fone.. very clueless. "hello.. is this veejay?" i said "yes and why?" i thought it was a client.. then she introduced herself. "im sophie from mega.. congrats.. blah blah.. blah.." i was shocked! i was crying.. i didnt hear any words from her.. i thought i was dreaming.. i didnt hear what sophie said after that.. i apologized..

being one of the mega finalists is a dream come true. im already a winner.. i will give my best.. my very best!

i would like to thank ALL THE PEOPLE who have supported me.. for all the prayers, for all the encouragements and for believing in me. u know who u are.

to God be the Glory..


materdolorosa said...

sino pa mga finalist for this years
mega ydc

andro africa said...

this is it!!!

veejay floresca said...

post ko nalang