Friday, June 09, 2006

work of love

ive been too busy lately.. and why?

1. company uniform bidding at maynilad
yup. it was a 3-day of work. i was the official company representative. i was there to defend, explain and discuss our designs to the panel.. thank God it was a success! we had models.. and im glad coz i met new friends. female models were patty and michelle from csb, and male models were lemuelle, jc, joel, james and emorej. thanks guys! i had so much fun! the result: we made it to the top 3. the panel will then pick only one among the final 3.. gudlak to us! :)

2. Bb Paranaque 2006 - National costume
i had a friend (from lasalle).. she's one of the contestants for Bb Paranaque... i did her national costume. it was a "bahay-kubo" inspired costume made of wood rings, stretch nude spandex, shredded chiffon in 3 colors matched with an exaggerated natural dyed-walis tambo as parasol.. haha.. the pageant is on sunday. gudlak gurl! :) i will post the picture soon.

3. u can dance - the pilot episode
i had fun together with my fellow csb young designers.. all the outfits were great! kudos to all of us! check out my design worn by alwyn and tetchie, dance couple #4.. and guess what?? my dance couple was picked to be one of the first 3 finalists who will compete this coming sunday.. hay! super work na naman! gudlak! :-)

mwah! :-)

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chris said...

watched the show last night and i had goosebumps when i saw your designs..ang gnda lahat!:) congrats!!!:)