Sunday, June 25, 2006

what a busy day!

PROUD AND TRUE @ 82: ncaa opening ceremony
season host: College of Saint Benilde

i had the chance to dsign the costume for the dancers for the opening ceremony. it was my first time as a costume designer and i hope i did well.. i would like to thank santi for sharing with me his ideas. it helped me a lot. my design consists of a white chiffon circular bias skirt, white american twill cropped vest, stretch pants with side fringes and one-piece asymmetrical body suit. colors are apple green, white and black. because of some unwanted circumstances, the original program structure was revised.. there will be no set.. the choreography was changed for the last minute.. and unfortunately, some of the costume will not be used anymore bec there is no time for "quick change." i feel pitty for the dancers bec truly, it was a super dance marathon!! 3 dances in one whole dance! walang pahinga!!kaloka! but congratulations! their performance was great! it was a great feeling if someone appreciates ur work.. and i would like to thank the EVP bec she liked me design. thank you maam! im gonna post the picture soon..


together with my frends, we went there to party! it was a night full of fashionistas and celebrities.. :-) there i met rain dagala.. my college friend whom i missed so much.. i also saw my wildvines batchmates.. kakamiss!! bonding! i got a free shu uemura goodies! yey!


Truly, the gay community is increasing! haha.. i met my gayfrends there!! haha.. after that.. we went to government and checked out the place.. as usual.. gays.. party.. music.. white tops.. kisses!! i met rita and frends! haha.. it was my first time to visit the place.. it was ok..

i went home past 4am.. tired but happy!

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