Thursday, May 25, 2006

movies and fashion shows

recently, ive watched the da vinci code and x-men3.

the da vinci code
i have not read the book. i dont have any plan to read it either. however, i watched the film. well.. i was not entertained. but i got the lesson or the main objective of the movie.. honestly, i dnt have anything against the movie.. some critics say that this movie is disturbing and should not be seen by many.. but why? bec they say that it can change someone's belief about God. Well, all i can say is BE FAIR! let them see the movie.. and let them decide! after watching it.. i still believe that the Jesus is my Saviour! He is my Lord and He LOVES me. Thats all! :-)

x-men 3: the last stand

i failed to watch part 1 and 2.. Too bad! BUT i absolutely love the film! i enjoyed it! i love watching those kind of films because im a frustrated superhero! haha.. u can call me "super V" super vakla! haha. charing.
well.. grabe! i really like the film.. and crush ko si wolverine.. HE IS SO HOT! he is the perfect epitome of a 100% STRAIGHT GUY!!! wlang bahid ng kabaklaan from head to toe.. haha.. sana maging bf ko siya.. haha.. :) i like iceman than pyro.. PLS WATCH IT!! its soooo worth it! i cant wait to see superman and spiderman!! WAAAHHH!!!

fashion show at metro bar, west ave, qc
last may 23.. i was invited to present 8 piece collection at metro bar.. to be worn by the top 8 finalists in campus quest 2006.. a teen modelling search hosted by karel marquez.. i didnt make new clothes.. haha.. i used some of my clothes from my previous shows at csb and fashion wk.. honestly, it was a nice show! i didnt expect it. i thought the gowns will not fit them well but i was totally wrong.. it looked good.. lovely! you can see it on tv. it will be shown on june 22, 10:30 pm at RPN channel 9. haha.. watch it if u have time. :-)

via uno launching at sm mall of asia
together with my friends, we watched the fashion show launching of a new shoe store at sm mall of asia..VIA UNO! it was originated from brazil.. and it has stores at paris, milan, new york, japan.. and now.. MANILA!! my designer friends randall solomon and kenneth chua presented 18-piece collection to match the beautiful shoes of via uno! congrats!!

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