Sunday, May 14, 2006

beauty pageant

lately, ive been to different places to watch beauty pageants.. and i had fun!

first.. i watched Ginoong Pilipinas 2006 at intramuros. it was my first time to witness a male-pageant and i was kinda shocked when i saw the guys in their trunks. it was a LOW-CUT aqua blue spandex in front and stretch tulle fabric was used at the back. in short, see-thru and likod so expect to see naked BUTT! honestly, the guys were almost naked.. and the worst thing was.. some of the guys forgot to shave! YUP! there was hair all over their ____... on the other hand, i appreciate the BARONG TAGALOG portion where you can see different designs.. its very innovative!its very filipino! i love it!.. and of course i have my personal bet.. and he is candidate #17.. haha.. landi ko! and i got his number na!! haha.. hu knows? i might need a male model soon!

last night.. together with my friends, we went to BULACAN to watch MS GAY UNIVERSE 2006.. it was a nice pageant because i enjoyed it so much. the contestants were really gorgeous and very funny and you can see all the people laughing.. super funny nila especially the fat gay aka KATYA SANTOS who bagged the DARLING OF THE NIGHT! i have a friend who joined but she didnt make it to the top 10.. uhm.. i have a confession!! i feel i want to join ms gay!! hahaha.. wala lang.. for fun lang... haha.. what do u think? ;-)

right now.. im here in mandaluyong with our relatives to celebrate MOTHER's day.. dami food, videoke etc.. haha


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