Saturday, April 15, 2006

my realization about my life

yesterday.. i realized so many important things about my life. maybe because i was bored at home. its holy week and my mom did not allow me to go anywhere but to stay at home. hay naku!

im still single. "nbsb." no boyfriend since birth. my closest friends knew that, even my mom, my sisters, my besies. im a type of person who is very open. yes! im single but why? why am i STILL single? am i ugly? am i stupid? or am i just being too impatient?

my friends say im lucky. i have accomplished many things at a young age. im 20 and few days from now, i will be turning 21 (my debut) but still, im single. maybe my friends are right. im lucky. im lucky because i have wonderful friends.. i have true besies, i have a happy family.. i have a fulfilling work, im happy with my career and lastly, i have a healthy relationship with God. well.. maybe its not yet my time to be attached to someone. yes.. i feel there is missing but i just have to wait for the right time, for the right person. i need to be MORE patient, be contented and lastly, trust our Almighty Father.

"veejay.. dont be sad but be happy. there are so many beautiful things life has to offer. enjoy life. enjoy being single.." -- my guardian angel.. haha :)

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