Saturday, March 04, 2006

what a day!

im super tired! BUT ITS WORTH IT!!

grabe!! im super dooooper mega ooover tired to the maximum level!! as in!! but i still want to update my blog before going to bed! hehe.. well.. my blog is entitled "what a day" because this day is truly amazing.. u know why.. simply because my fashion shoot for my portfolio is finally DONE!! yehey!!! yehey!! cheers! hahaha.. yippie!! well, yeah! 2 days ang shoot namin coz i have lots of clothes.. exag! i didnt know that! hehe.. well.. ill inform you guys if finish na ung portfolio ko so u can check it out.

well.. i want to take this opportunity to thank all the VIPS (VERY IMPORTANT PEOPLE) who have helped and supported me in this endeavor..


1. michael tidalgo - galing mo! wow!
2. jm ballaran - kaloka! talented ka tlga! 2 thumbs up!

1. michelle panemanglor - hmm.. enjoy tlga!!! hehe.. galing mo!
2. patty dunca - salamat sa pader at paso!! hehe.. tarushh ka tlga!
3. michelle corley - keep it up! iba ka!

1. alec africa - kumusta ang reflector?? hehe.. tnx mami..

1. sir yako and his labs. - salamat sa donuts..ang sa help pagbitbit ng clothes.. super bigat!! hahaha
3. alex pigao - tnx for everything.. sa time pag visit mo sa shoot..
4. abbie - salamat sa paggawa ng page ko!! ganda.
5. my MOM - thanks sa love and support..

and of course, God. God is really good. :-)

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