Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Philippine Fashion Week 2006

God is really good. :-)

Yup! i will be participating in the Phil Fashion Wk 2006. I, together with the other designers like john guarnes, malu savet, mich dulce, tippie ocampo, etc.. will be having our show "The New Generation Collection" on April 1, 2006, 6:30 pm at NBC Tent. Strictly no invite no entry policy so if ever ur planning to watch (PLEASE WATCH! hehe) pls dont hesitate to inform me asap so i can include u in the guest list.

today is march 15. yesterday, we had a very impt meeting at hotel intercon for briefing and giving of final instructions, etc.. i met other designers including our very own, sir john and ms malu and we were all happy coz same day ung show namin.. haha.. :-) i met mich dulce and she's very friendly.. we had a very funny conversation about pbb of course.. and her experience in pbb inspired her collection. deadline of clothes is on march 31. and honestly, im not finished with my collection yet. i will be doing 6. good thing i had time this morning to buy all the materials i need. im done with the patterns, i bought all the materials na, so basically.. i must start the production tomorrow! whew!

what do i feel?
honestly, im very happy. its a dream come true! however, im kinda scared coz there would be lots of people watching including the press and mejo takot ako na ma-okray! haha.. but well.. thats life! its very impossible to please everyone! so the best thing i should do is to believe in myself.. give thanks to the people who are always there and of course TRUST GOD!

i would be very very very happy to share the night with my friends, family and loved ones. so please be there. see you all. :-)

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edz said...

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