Sunday, February 05, 2006

thank you my beloved CSB!

finally, graduate na ako! i can now say that im a certified benildean! well.. im a proud benildean. my school has taught so many things which i believe helped me to become a better person.

graduation day

yesterday, feb 4, 2006 is our graduation day. it was held at PICC, plenary hall. i was with my dear mom, ate may, my 2 pretty besies..(abbie and rachel).. too bad my sister april has a class and uen is only 3 years old.. children below 7 are not allowed.. wawa naman uen ko..) i was not excited. i dont know why.. maybe because i was really sleepy.. natulog ako 130am na coz ive waited pa for my friend na magpapahiram sakin ng pink pale necktie to complete my outfit. i opted for a non-traditional get-up. i wore a custom-made gray long sleeves with floral details matched with pale pink tie and white twill pants.. and a new pair of shoes which i bought as my graduation gift to myself..

i woke up 6 am believing i wont be late coz our house is just 15 mins away from picc..hehe.. when we arrived, the graduates were already preparing. i saw elaine. i saw my classmates and right there and then, i felt the excitement as i march the aisle for the last time.

during the mass, i was asked to bring the medals. haha.. i was really happy coz at least, i had a part. :-) when i was elementary, my part is to introduce the speaker. high school - speech of tribute to parents.. and college - offer the medal.. hahaha.. :-) one thing i will not forget was when the camera was focused on me.. to be more specific, MY FACE! haha.. i dont know what to do.. so i just looked at it and smile! super smile ako to the highest level..haha.. well i think its better kaysa naman mag feeling ako na di ko alam na di ko nakita ung cam diba.. la lang.. :-) hehehe..

cum laude award.

then, it was the awarding ceremony. i was a cum laude and no one in our house knows that. i kept it a secret bec i want to surprise them, especially my mom.. i didnt show them the program and my certificate. haha.. they kept on asking me before if do i get any award and sabi ko.. "ewan ko?!" haha.. however, during the program, my sister accidentally read my name sa program ng katabi nya.. and syempre, she told that to my mom and indeed, my mom was surprised!! i got the award and i saw my mom waiting for me to pin my medal. i was really happy.. and serioulsy, i think im gonna cry but i did not kasi nakakahiya naman.. hehe.. i hugged and kissed my mom. i knew shes proud of me :-)

i saw my crushes got their diploma and i felt sad. however, i felt happy na din kasi they are all cute.. ;) landi ko talaga.. here are their initials.. m.w, r.s, k.g...hehe.. 3 lahat sila.. and honestly, i cant choose one from them.. charing! after the program syempre.... PICTURE PICTURE!!!!!! yehey!!! and im sure.. almost one hour kami nag picture picture sa lobby ng picc with elaine, rita, jona, ziggy, gers, ingrid and her sweet mom.. hahaha.. i would like to thank my dear besies... abbie and rachel for all their efforts. thank u so much! :-)

then.. we all proceed to shakeys to eat... sabi ko dapat sa mura lang kasi im gonna pay the bill eh..hahaha.. well, its my choice to pay the bill coz i already have a job and syempre treat ko yun sa kanila.. hehe. we ate a lot!! lahat kami super busog! :-p

at home.

my ninang visited us and she brought 2 boxes of pizza for us.. i bought 1 can of ice cream for all of us.. i didnt eat much kasi busog pa ako.. we had a great merienda!

hmmmm... finally my college life was totally finished!
im gonna miss the school.
im gonna miss my friends.
im gonna miss the teachers.
im gonna miss everything.
thank you guys!
thank you Lord..

i love you all.

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