Sunday, February 12, 2006


i was in doubt. so, i decided to come and witness the annual event called lovapalooza. ideally, this is event is for couples.

actually, i dont have any plan to go there since i knew na sobrang daming tao.. and i was afraid of stampede.. hehe.. however, my friend forced me to go.. sabi ko.. "ayoko ko!" but he insisted and told me who knows, i might meet my soulmate there.. haha.. so sige! GO AKO!

i looked around and observed.. there were lots of couples.. na-inggit ako.. :-( i told myself, time will come, babalik ako hoping na may kasama ako at hindi friend kundi jowa.. at exactly 12am.. the people started kissing.. and u know what i did? i joined them.. the difference: i kissed my friends on their cheeks and thank them for the friendship they gave me. AT may fireworks... ganda!!! i enjoyed it.

right now, im happy with my life. i love my family and my family loves me. i love my friends and my friends love me. and most importantly, i love the Lord and i know, the Lord loves me too.. what can i ask for?

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