Wednesday, February 22, 2006

brokeback mountain

finally, ive seen the movie! :-)
i enjoyed it! its worth it!

my final judgment for the film.. "simple but..!"

the movis is yes, very simple. but in a deeper understanding, it is very effective and inspiring! honestly, the film made me feel depressed and sad. i was sad because its a sad movie.. hehe.. and its not a happy ending. i got depressed.. however, i felt happy na din because the movie was acclaimed as one of the best movies produced ever!!! well.. brokeback mountain won LOTS OF AWARDS from different award-giving bodies worldwide!! best actor, best picture, best director..etc... and fyi: the movie has 7 academy awards nominations including best picture and best actor (heath ledger).. i like him.. crush ko na siya..hehe.. i also like jake gylenhaal. (im not sure about the spelling..)hehe

the movie is indeed a success! simply because people nowadays (homosexuals or straight) are very interested to watch movies about homosexuality.. iam sure that time will come.. sexual discrimation will be gone. keep the faith!

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