Monday, January 23, 2006

PAMPANGA Weekends!! :-)

weekends at pampanga

i had a great time last week at pampanga.. we left manila friday night.. we stayed at century park hotel in angeles.. im with my friends.. all fashion designers.. ricci lizaso, michael despues, jay, alex pigao.. hehe..

first we decided to go bar-hopping.. we went to IL POSTO.. a club just right beside the hotel.. it was a nice place.. although the place is too small to accompany lots of people.. so expect LOTS OF SWEATING.. hehe!! then we went to SAX.. this place is more comfortable.. i love the music and the crowd.. there are lots of paminta.. hehe..

tapos the next day.. i went back to manila for some business appointments.. tarush! then i met jay to go back.. :-)

jay and i went to baryo san joaquin?? oops! im not sure if thats the name of the baryo.. hehe.. it was a baryo that is really PROBINSYA SETTING.. hehe.. i love the grass.. the small houses.. the tricycle.. and the people.. :-) then we went to PRIMITIVA BAR to meet ricci and mikmik.. :-) it was a gay bar.. hehehehe.. it was my first time to enter a gay bar and i was really shocked.. ! :-0
but in fairness.. my frend told me that the entertainment there is more decent compared to gaybars in manila/qc... kasi walang naghuhubad dun sa primitiva.. just a denim pekpek shorts.. boots (kaloka..chaka ng boots nila..hehe sori..) and they dance.. actually.. i didnt see anyone cute .. or should i say.. they are not my type.. i dont like buff men though.. and i wont forget the performance of kenji.. half japanese guy who acted as "aguilus" with a mulawin costume dancing in the tune of south border song.. ung theme song ng movie na mulawin.. i forgot the title.. but i love the song.. the guy wore wings.. AND wings siya ng angel.. hahaha.. not the mulawin wings.. grabe!! super tawa ako tlga.. hehehe..

then after that, we went back to SAX then IL POSTO!! one of the waiters there is cute. :-) natulog kami 5 am na.. :-)

the next day, sunday.. we left the hotel coz were leaving pampanga na.. we went to ROB.. then SM.. and eat.. hahaha.. kaloka! i failed to watch the battle of pacquiao vs morales.. :-( too bad.. but i received a text from a friend and manny won.. hmm.. parang nagka crush ako bigla kay manny.. hehe.. i took the picture sa sm.. ung poster dun..hehe..

we went to bulaon pampanga to visit jay's friends and we saw cute guys.. hmm end of story.. haha..

we left manila monday after eating at Luring's... its a nice resto... i love the food! :-)

i had fun.. :-) thanks guys! mwah! :-)

i love pacman!! ;-)

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