Sunday, January 29, 2006

im gonna leave csb soon..

finally, ill be graduating on feb 4, 2005... *sigh*

after 3.5 years of learning, the time has come for me to leave my dear alma mater. but well.. thats life. life must go on.. i can truly say the my college life is truly worth-remembering! i learned lots of things.. i met true friends.. i had wonderful experiences.. in other words, i had fun. it was all worth it!

when we had our grad rehearsal the other day, i had mixed emotions. i felt sad because im gonna miss schooling.. at the same time, i was happy because i saw all of my crushes from 1st year to 4th yr. i cant believe they were all there with me. grabe! even until now, i cant fully understand why things are like that.. i met them in csb and they are all graduating.. WITH ME.. i wont mention their names na coz im shy.. charing!! but my closest friends knew who they are.. hehe they are all cute.. :-) i just wish all of them to have a successful career..

so much for this.. ill post more pictures soon.. :-)


angelgirl said...

Hey, Veejay! Congratulations! Graduate ka na, sana kami rin sa March. Congratulations din on your new job! I know you'll make it big in the fashion industry because you've got such a great talent. Anyway, I have my own blog narin. Hehe, nakikiuso. it's naman laman! Hehe.

veejay floresca said...

thanks angeli.. :-)