Saturday, December 31, 2005


oh my gosh! the other night, together with my friends, we went to world trade center and party!!! hahaha.. grabe! i enjoyed the night wearing my creation!! (fashion show BEGIN..) and i love it!! feeling ko gurl ako!! hehe... grabe.. super party tlaga.. im with my college friends.. honnie, jona, ziggy, jm, jethro, (and the 2 other friends i just met) i forgot their names na.. sori.. !! :-( i think its heidi and mel?? tama ba...

we paid Php300 for VIP passes... and its worth it! free drinks, freebies (mag, mug, pens, notebooks, etc..) ur choice.. hehe.. but me, i chose the mug.. its so cool.. may ilaw hahaha..

super dance kami lahat.. as in.. and guess what? we were in the ramp/stage dancing,, o diba bongga!!! there were so many gays that night.. heller?!! wyt party po yun..hehe.. i realized that gays nowadays are more brave and courageous to show who they really are... may pa girl, effem, discreet, drag, at dami pang iba..

well well well.. gays are also human beings.. we have feelings and emotions.. some people think that gays are the happiest people on earth.. (gay means happy) however, we also have burdens and agonies that many people dont know... its up to u to find out.

whew! im getting serious.. haha.. but to make this short.. everyone who attended the party had a BLAST!! (i hope so...hehe)

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