Saturday, December 31, 2005

pictures!! pictures!!!

lady, jr, angel, sweet, ardel, jason, larry, rudolph, red horse!! hehe
flas, mhai, suna, glenice, me, abbie, iced tea...hehe
best buds!!! love my besie! :-0
shake rattle and roll... eeew!!
chinese angels of our batch.. hehe

here are the pictures taken from our high school reunion gimik!!! thank u sweet for these pictures!! love them!


Sweet said...

no prob, veejay! ;) thank you, too. nga pala, hindi ba rudolf, hindi rudolph? o ako ang mali? haha. anyway, may the coming year be more fruitful for you. happy 2006! i love you... God bless you!

veejay floresca said...

ewan ko.. actually im not sure.. ano ba tlga.. hehe.. :-)