Thursday, December 29, 2005

my high school friends

besie abbie... me... bes rachel.. my dear best buds! high school pic..hahaha
larry and sweet! uuy.. cute ni larry tlga! haha!

grabe!! last night, we had a high school reunion. i enjoyed everything!! super. my high school friends... grabe nakakamiss tlga.. and imagine?? im the first one who will be graduating in our batch! yehey!!! my graduation is on feb 4, 2005 at PICC. some of them.. march pa..some of them next yr pa.. and some of them.. di pa sure! :-( pero the important thing is most of us are about to finish college!! im so proud of it!

first, we met at union park.. and guess what? the meeting time is 530pm and i came at 630pm.. and guess what?? 3 pa lang kami... super filipino time tlga.. haha.. pero in fairness, andun na si sweet.. she is our class president.. super responsible and shes the one in charge of high school reunion and gimiks.. KEEP IT UP SWEET!!!

we went to blue wave to eat. hahaha.. we saw fireworks!!! wow!!! it was really nice! grabe... i will never forget rudolph arriola...hehehe.. u know why? coz his rice fell... hahaha.. pero it was replaced naman eh.. :-) after eating, we made tambay there and talk.. we talked about our pasts... syempre super laugh trip tlga!! the colt thing, etc.. and we have agreed to have a summer vacation in puerto galera or in bora!!!!! WOW!!! im so excited na po. then.. we finally decided to go to pier one to PARTY!!!!

at pier one.
hmmm. syempre super chikahan ulet..hahaha.. inuman and kainan to the max.. super sarap ng crispy kangkong!! AND ITS MURA LANG... P65 lang... sulit!!! cute ni larry... hehehe... kaya lang may gf na.. anyway, i saw my crush (hes from csb) syempre super chika ako sa mga frends ko na siya crush ko... cute daw sabi nila.. ako pa?!! hehe.. pero shes with a girl that night.. :-(

truth or consequence?
hmmmm... the most exciting and controversial part of the night. there are so many secrets unleashed including mine!!!! WAAAHHH!!! pero i wont tell anything about it.. grabe.. i believe all of us are matured na.. especially abbie besie... super saya ko kasi her parents are letting her to stay late... honestly..bitin ako!!!!!!!! :-)

ill post the pics soon!!!


Sweet said...

hiya, veejay! welcome to the blog community. you got a nice blog here! ;) so proud of you...i am naman always! ;) the pics are here na-

or go to my blog in friendster-
then click the photo album Candy Shop 1

take care always! wag mo me kakalimutan kapag super sikat na designer ka na ha! ;) haha... about the night at pier one, don't worry, your secret is safe with me naman. i don't know with the guys nga lang..haha! kung anuman un, satin2x nlng. swerte nga nmin ni larry kasi hindi kami natapatan. ;) sayang hindi nakasama ung iba no? im looking forward na to our reunion on the summer of 2007. sana mas marami na makasama. if you have time, kindly visit my blog din-

thank you! i love you, veejay! tnx for all the support. God bless you & may 2006 be a blessed & fruitful year for you!

dilanmuli said...

kamusta na??? hehehe!
grabe. sana sa PCA na lang din ako gumraduate ng high school no. siguro kasama din ako sa tropa niyo nina tappan, banayag, arriola, duario... hmmp!

visit my blog din.