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Chris and Arlene

chris and arlene from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

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New and Hot in the City

New and Hot in the City

By Leica Carpo
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 16:54:00 07/24/2010

FASHION may not be your forte, but have you ever wondered whether you’d look as good as that mannequin in the shop window if you were wearing what she has on? Have you ever hankered to be on someone’s best-dressed list? And who doesn’t want to look chic and effortlessly stylish anyway?

True, not all of us are born with the “style gene” or have enough in the bank to hire our own stylist. But there are always shortcuts: the fashion magazines, the style channel on cable, the website, friends who are fashionistas.

Then there’s the Philippine Fashion Week, the brainchild of brothers Joey and Audie Espino of Runway Production. If you missed that, we’re sharing our notes with you. SIM did some fashion homework and put together a tightly edited shortlist from the thousands of amazing outfits and loads of local talent out there. After all, our closets can only hold so much fabulousness.

First we asked fashion writer Nikki Santiago and Manila’s top designer Rajo Laurel, who is also a judge of “Project Runway Philippines” to tick off their top 3 picks of the season and what spark they look for in a new designer that signals upcoming success.

Nikki Santiago’s List:

1) Kermit Tesoro + Leeroy New. This tandem works so well. Their thought-provoking sartorial propositions and inventive designs have loads of that wow factor. The longer you look at their designs, the more intrigued you get. Their synergy is really something to watch out for.

2) Enrico Carado. His collection showcased at the recent Fashion Week Holiday 2010 is definitely in my Top 3 list. His mix of fabrics and design techniques is decidedly a signal of ingenuity.

3) John Paras. Up till this moment, I can’t stop lusting over his peacock dress. John’s design sensibilities have the ability to make one swoon and drool. I think he has a way with details that makes a dress mesmerizing.

Signs that a designer is on his way up: If they can come up with designs that will make you think, “Wow, how did they do that?” Designs that linger, that are compelling, that you want to stare at for hours, designs that make you think. If a designer can achieve that, aside from great fit and impeccable stitching, then I think he or she is one to watch in fashion.

Rajo Laurel’s List:

1) Martin Bautista, for his design sensibilities and aesthetics. He designs for real women and his work is real and current.

2) Veejay Floresca is fun and has great PR sense. To me his clothes are exciting and relevant.

3) Kermit Tesoro with Leeroy New – really different and more avante garde. They were the only ones who really made me stand up straight and take notice in the last fashion week.

What a designer needs to succeed: Professionalism, hard work, resilience, perseverance and talent plus a dash of good luck! Above all that, it’s love! LOVE for me is what makes good designers GREAT!

To get inside their head and find out what sets off their passion and genius, SIM asked these designers two questions:

SIM: What do you consider an ideal client?

Martin Bautista: A woman who knows what she wants, who is not afraid to take risks – a woman who doesn’t care if the look is too simple or too over the top. Someone who has personal style and individuality.

Veejay Floresca: I love designing clothes for women who are confident and who enjoy fashion.

Enrico Carado: My ideal clients are fearless and experimental women since most my clothes are eccentric, fearless and experimental as well. Women who are not afraid to get out of their comfort zones, and always have the desire to stand out.

Kermit Tesoro: Ideal client: women who share the same vision – dead or alive.

John Paras: My ideal client is a lady who is confident enough to look different. She appreciates the finer side of fashion and knows herself very well so she doesn’t take in trends that much. She dresses up for herself or her lifestyle.

SIM: What inspires your designs?

Martin Bautista: I get inspiration from what I feel each woman should have. I get excited when I talk to women and I love the idea that each has a different story. I get inspired by their way of living and what they do.

Veejay Floresca: My clients inspire me a lot – their personality, lifestyle and style – and I infuse them with my aesthetics.

Enrico Carado: My inspirations are of many kinds – tangible and intangible. Oftentimes I am inspired by my mistakes and failures – this is what gives me the drive to always strive to do my best every time. I also get inspiration from the elements of nature, and also from fantasies, like some things that we often thought never existed.

Kermit Tesoro: Inspiration: cerebral.

John Paras: Anything inspires me. We should keep our eyes open and appreciate how beautiful the world is, as well as the cultures and art of its people.


Special thanks to Enrico Carado
SUPER THANK YOU to Ms Leica Carpo and Rajo Laurel ;-)

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MEGA YDC 2nd Go-See

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KBF Testimony